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1 min
  • [#246653]: Improve Transfer-Only mode for users which have additional features enabled
  • [#246651]: Improve AV scanner settings (ESET) for ZIP file handling
  • [#246645]: Fix a file manager issue where all objects are selected after a file upload
  • [#246042]: Improve dashboard layout
  • [#245980]: Fix PIN delivery information for approver notification email
  • [#245686]: Improve share disable/enable actions
  • [#245685]: Prevent sharing automatically managed folders from the file manager such as “Outgoing” and “Incoming”
  • [#245680]: Improve list of shares sorting behaviour and actions
  • [#245666]: Improve notification display for changed files
  • [#245665]: Improve file change notification settings in the file manager
  • [#245501]: Improve error display in multiple tabs when editing a user
  • [#242957]: Update to proftpd 1.3.7c for security and compatibility improvements
  • [#232102]: Update to PostgreSQL 12 for performance and security improvements