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1 min
  • [#246916]: Fix mobile menu icon
  • [#246868]: Fix dashboard quick action display depending on features enabled for a user
  • [#246853]: Fix a restart issue with background queue workers
  • [#246836]: Implement a chunk based file uploader for upload links
  • [#246818]: Fix CargoLink handling of files containing the “[]” special characters
  • [#246769]: Fix layout of contacts and favourites in the file manager (right column)
  • [#246646]: Fix colours for file manager icons for links and shares
  • [#246482]: Fix layout of password reset form
  • [#246378]: Implement a feature to expect regular new files from a user and otherwise stop cleaning up old files
  • [#246120]: Fix folder action configuration display
  • [#246036]: Fix WebDAV file upload