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  • [#246015]: Fix profile editing for SSO users
  • [#245979]: Fix service name filter in the transfer log view
  • [#245679]: Improve timestamp format in the file deletion notification email
  • [#245678]: Fix path selection when editing an existing share
  • [#245657]: Implement ESET AV-scanner integration with SFTP/FPTS
  • [#245512]: Improve PIN delivery settings in the CargoLink wizard
  • [#245406]: Fix an issue with setting expiration date for existing CargoLinks
  • [#245394]: Implement system wide maximum value for CargoLink lifetimes
  • [#245374]: Improve PostgreSQL stability on low system memory
  • [#245182]: Fix SNMP logging permission issue by switching to syslog
  • [#244886]: Implement feature enabling/disabling globally and per user for administrators
  • [#243976]: Fix file change notifications for virtual file system (object store)
  • [#8581]: Implement self-managed 2FA for users including system wide enforcement policy