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  • [#7578]: Fix an issue with password recovery getting erroneously enabled during provisioning
  • [#7574]: Update to custom-built monit 5.15 to improve speed and stability
  • [#7573]: Fix an issue in the classic CargoLink wizard when setting an expiration time of only a few minutes
  • [#7570]: Fix an issue preventing the creation of local Cargo users
  • [#7568]: Fix an issue regarding the display of expired CargoLinks
  • [#7567]: Fix an issue where confidential messages were missing the envelope icon when using the old CargoLink wizard
  • [#7565]: Fix visibility of “New upload” button at the top left when using the old CargoLink wizard
  • [#7559]: Remove a few obsolete ‘monit monitor’ calls from cargo init-script
  • [#7529]: Improve failover mechanism of Cargo HA cluster
  • [#7477]: Fix an issue where a wrong path for a file might be shown depending on how it’s downloaded
  • [#7461]: Prevent monit from stopping services under high system load
  • [#7459]: Update to keepalived 1.2.19 to improve failover speed and handling of gratuitous ARP
  • [#7455]: Fix mechanism of finding rubyrep’s PID when killing it
  • [#7449]: Fix an issue with a download of multiple files stalling under certain conditions