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  • [#7666]: Increase kernel memory allocated for inotify user watches
  • [#7664]: Improve monit postgresql socket monitoring
  • [#7654]: Increase number of nginx workers to prevent blocking behaviour during large file uploads
  • [#7644]: Fix an issue where downloading a zipped directory via a CargoLink wouldn’t generate a notification mail
  • [#7612]: Fix the display of number of remaining downloads on a CargoLink with multiple recipients
  • [#7605]: Update to OpenSSL 1.0.1q
  • [#7600]: Fix wording regarding notifications about Share participants
  • [#7597]: Fix an issue where the expiration date for partially downloaded CargoLinks could no longer be increased
  • [#7571]: Fix an issue where a CargoLink would mistakenly get assigned a random PIN under certain conditions
  • [#7569]: Fix an issue where setting a custom PIN for a CargoLink might not work under certain conditions
  • [#7553]: Improve CargoLink expiration time input validation
  • [#7512]: Improve quota and content checks before moving uploaded data to a user’s home directory
  • [#7450]: Prevent users from configuring negative numbers of max downloads for CargoLinks