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1 min
  • [#7549]: Fix an issue with rubyrep not starting if the designated slave isn’t available
  • [#7547]: Fix “flicker” effect when uploading files via Easy Dashboard
  • [#7534]: Fix an issue preventing admins from being able to kick (forcefully logout) users
  • [#7531]: Fix file selection dialog in the old CargoLink wizard
  • [#7527]: Fix a typo in /etc/logrotate.d/cargo introduced in Cargo 2.6.8
  • [#7498]: Fix time input validation when setting the expiration time on a CargoLink
  • [#7492]: Fix traffic report calculations, which were accidentally inflated by a factor of 1e6
  • [#7488]: Fix wording when creating the email message for an upload CargoLink
  • [#7476]: Fix downloads in CargoLink “preview” mode (by the owner of the CargoLink) getting counted as actual downloads
  • [#7462]: Fix display of ‘unlimited’ number of downloads in new CargoLink wizard
  • [#7279]: Fix the shell script to generate proper rubyrep.conf