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1 min
  • [#7471]: Fix an issue with files for expired CargoLinks (with auto-delete enabled) not getting pruned properly
  • [#7470]: Fix an issue where downloading from a CargoLink pointing to a file within a subfolder might not work under certain circumstances
  • [#7439]: Fix an issue introduced in Cargo 2.6.9 where unicorn might get restarted because of it’s memory consumption on a >8 CPU core system
  • [#7433]: Switch rubyrep from file logging to syslog
  • [#7429]: Open new CargoLink wizard with file selection abilities when clicking on a contact
  • [#7428]: Implement a file selection drop-down / search list in the new CargoLink wizard
  • [#7426]: Allow dropping a file from WebFM to a contact in order to open the new CargoLink dialog
  • [#7422]: Allow users to choose between classic view and new easy dashboard in their account settings
  • [#7417]: Fix an issue with nginx requiring an error log file even when configured to use syslog