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1 min
  • [#7411]: Update to the latest version of nginx mod_zip module
  • [#7410]: Update to the latest version of headers-more-nginx-module
  • [#7407]: Fix an issue with a package install script trying to chown legacy directory /opt/cargo/webapp/logs
  • [#7395]: Fix provisioning of the log level setting, i.e. generation of /data/config/env
  • [#7389]: Improved wording according to OSAG feedback, more consistent terminology, fixed some typos
  • [#7387]: Fix a redirect loop in the new CAPTCHA mechanism
  • [#7381]: Include WebFM up- and downloads in log export feature
  • [#7375]: Fix an issue regarding the download of files with path names longer than 256 characters
  • [#7370]: Fix an issue with the log export feature prematurely removing old logs
  • [#7333]: Fix an issue where a download might be logged with a wrong (user provided) filename
  • [#7257]: In the admin interface, allow sorting of users based on last login time
  • [#7251]: Fix Cargo sign-in message for german users
  • [#6940]: Configure Postgresql performance settings based on available memory