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  • [#7369]: Remove monit sshd and rsyslogd monitoring, these are already monitored by upstart
  • [#7365]: Add proper memcache protocol check to monit memcached monitoring
  • [#7362]: Switch all Cargo-related daemons (nginx, proftpd, postgresql) to syslog logging
  • [#7320]: Fix an issue with not getting REMOTE_HOST properly set
  • [#7309]: Fix an issue regarding custom filters in the Cargo API
  • [#7305]: Restart Postgresql only after 3 consecutive failed connection attempts by monit
  • [#7262]: Use rsyslog for handling all Cargo (shell / daemon / rails) messages
  • [#7260]: Switch all Cargo Rails jobs to syslog
  • [#7184]: Enforce CAPTCHA based on source IP instead of HTTP session