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This version focussed on improving the CargoLink recipient view with large directories.

  • [#6220]: Implemented a feature to throttle API access mitigating denial of service attacks
  • [#6221]: Improved the recipient view of a CargoLink
  • [#6246]: Improved the checks to prevent directory traversals when requesting a CargoLink download
  • [#6265]: Improved the PIN entry field for CargoLinks on small devices
  • [#6287]: Implemented a feature to redirect to an existing CargoLink in the file manager if the CargoLink icon is clicked
  • [#6290]: Improved the exception handling when watching user data for changes in the file system
  • [#6337]: Improved the share mounting performance
  • [#6381]: Implemented a feature to allow for customised CargoLink background for tenants
  • [#6442]: Improved the session statistics calculation for performance
  • [#6452]: Improved the disk usage calculation via queued background job
  • [#6482]: Updated to openssl 1.0.1m for security improvements
  • [#6484]: Fixed an issue when checking the expiration date of a CargoLink