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This version focussed on issues with the installation and configuration.

  • [#6495]: Fixed an issue with the locale when generating contacts from CargoLinks
  • [#6497]: Fixed an issue when displaying a contact without a name
  • [#6512]: Fixed an issue with displaying a large directory structure for a CargoLink
  • [#6272]: Fixed an issue when computing the service status
  • [#6477]: Fixed an issue when generating the proftpd configuration
  • [#6612]: Fixed an issue when detecting the IP address for the console prompt
  • [#6614]: Fixed an issue with the log directory creation upon installation
  • [#6628]: Fixed an issue with special characters in the login when using AD integration
  • [#6593]: Fixed a startup timing issue with the postgresql database
  • [#6652]: Implemented the generation of a DH params file upon initial installation
  • [#6653]: Fixed an issue with the /data directory layout for initial installations
  • [#6654]: Fixed an issue where missing locales from the AD triggered errors when sending emails
  • [#6657]: Fixed an issue where file checksums are not being computed in the background when using the CargoLink API