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2 mins

This version focussed on performance and security updates.

  • [#4197]: Implemented a feature to allow for downloading multiple files as ZIP archive in the file manager
  • [#4480]: Improved the automatic database optimisation for the quota table
  • [#4675]: Improved the initial configuration of the system
  • [#5849]: Improved the cleanup of share targets when the share expires
  • [#5950]: Improved the performance of statistical views for the administrator to cope with heavy load and session count
  • [#5953]: Implemented a feature to allow for automatic contact management
  • [#5960]: Improved the audit log generation when changing user settings (like the timezone and the locale)
  • [#6012]: Fixed an issue with the IP address in the CargoLink download notification email
  • [#6052]: Fixed an issue where the error counter of a session was not increased when the authentication failed
  • [#6076]: Improved the performance for showing the downloads in the CargoLink detail view
  • [#6080]: Improved the default SMS gateway API client
  • [#6126]: Implemented a feature to provide SNMP data from proftpd
  • [#6157]: Improved the login attribute validation
  • [#6163]: Improved the user display across administrative views for consistency
  • [#6164]: Improved the home directory validation when renaming a user
  • [#6166]: Fixed an issue with the LDAP/AD based locale setting for new users
  • [#6169]: Implemented a feature to allow for custom attributes when sending upload/download notifications
  • [#6170]: Implemented a feature to allow for email based authentication when using SFTP/FTPS
  • [#6174]: Updated to rails 3.2.21 for security improvements
  • [#6180]: Improved the quicklinks menu and the general visual appearence
  • [#6185]: Implemented a feature to configure the log archive mode
  • [#6189]: Improved the CargoLink creation for anonymous recipients to allow for easier copy&paste
  • [#6190]: Fixed an issue with triggers being fired while the database replication is running
  • [#6192]: Fixed an issue where selecting and downloading multiple files from the file manager did no work
  • [#6193]: Fixed an issue when double-clicking a object in the file manager
  • [#6194]: Improved the validation when renaming a file in the file manager
  • [#6195]: Improved the handling of internally versus externally authenticated users
  • [#6196]: Updated to openssl 1.0.1k for security improvements