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Sending files

Send large and confidential documents #

Using the CargoLink technology, large files and confidential data can be sent in a easy and secure manner to your customers and partners. Cargo does not restrict the attachment size and provides you with a great web interface for all functions Thanks to built-in protection for the transfer (full SSL encryption) and the access (individual one-time PIN) you can rest assured that only the intended receiver will get access to the data.

Highly sensitive data need special care to prevent data leakage - and accurately classifying documents is a very demanding task even for smaller companies. That’s where the new Two Man Rule feature can help by enforcing a second person to review the transfer before activating it.

Great to

  • Transfer project data, technical plans, handbooks and specifications
  • Send confidential documents such as contracts, quotas and personal files
  • Transport large media files such as audio and video
  • Make PR-documents and press releases available on schedule