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Multi factor authentication

Secure authentication through two-factor procedure #

In contrast to other providers, the Cargo platform has provided two-factor authentication for secure logins from the beginning and can now offer the integration of software and hardware tokens as well as SMS in it’s basic function without additional licencing costs.

Great to

  • Support additional security for accounts with higher privileges
  • Prevent unauthorised access due to careless handling of personal passwords
  • Protect sensible data

Use hardware based OTP2 tokens for additional security during signing in into the web application in order to secure privileged accounts (administrators) sufficiently. These devices are shock- and waterproof and have a lifespan of 3 to 5 years.

Alternatively a free application such as Google Authenticator can be installed on mobile devices and used to create OTP-values to provide the functionality through software. We can enforce the usage of 2FA on the system, see 2FA Setup for details.

When using SMS, the user receives a one-time token onto his mobile phone after entering the username and the password. This token must be entered into to the web application to complete the sign-in process. No additional software or hardware is necessary.