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The Cargo Mail Solution

The Cargo email integration into your environment provides a simple solution for two needs - You can use your very same email application and still send large and confidential data with a secured CargoLink to your recipients.

Mail the way you know it

You use the application you are already familiar with for sending email with attachments on your desktop or mobile devices and send them to the internal group ware server (i.e. Exchange)

On the way to the recipient, CargoMail will automatically extract large, confidential or otherwise marked attachments from the message based on rules configured by your administrator and add a CargoLink instead.

You will get automatically without changes to your application

  • full control over the download of the attachments
  • a secured, audited and journalised transport of your data
  • the possibility to transfer large files without friction and transport issues
  • a powerful configuration per recipient, size or type of file

Technical Integration

The CargoMail component is configurable with a list of rulse for atachments based on the type of the message, the size and type of the files, the recipients and/or the sender of the email.

CargoMail uses the standard SMTP protocol to communicate with your Exchange server or other groupware/email server in your infrastructure. The integration can be accomplished directly on the server (for example via a so called “transport rule”) or CargoMail is used as a mail relay between your internal server and the outgoing mailserver facing the internet.

All commnication to the CargoSeerver (where the CargoLinks are created and access provided to the recipients) uses the API (via HTTPS). The communication to CargoMail may optionally be encrypted with SMTP via TLA, the connections to the CargoServer will be encrypted by default.