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  • [#9125]: Add missing release notes for Cargo 4.0.13
  • [#9124]: Fix an issue with ZIP downloads in conjunction with items that are still pending content scanning
  • [#9069]: Fix an issue regarding visitor group refresh caching
  • [#8924]: Prevent AD synchronized users from changing their name, email and phone number in Cargo
  • [#8894]: Allow IP restrictions for WebDAV service usage
  • [#8892]: Implement basic WebDAV support
  • [#8889]: Implement file locking required for WebDAV support
  • [#7833]: Fix an issue regarding folders with slashes in their names
  • [#7513]: Delete files & folders uploaded using the Easy Dashboard when no CargoLink was ever created
  • [#6778]: Prevent Cargo admins from editing AD synchronized user details