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  • [#9060]: Fix an issue regarding keepalived restarts in Cargo cluster setups
  • [#9059]: Fix an issue regarding SAML IDP certificate formatting
  • [#9053]: Update nginx to version 1.10.3
  • [#9051]: Disallow bulk download on CargoLinks with all items still pending content scan
  • [#9050]: Fix a file download logging issue regarding background content scans
  • [#9049]: Fix a sporadic error message when moving folders in WebFM
  • [#9045]: Fix an issue in provisioning regarding proftpd.conf include statements
  • [#8593]: Speed up failovers by keeping nginx, proftpd and unicorn running on both cluster nodes at all times
  • [#8327]: Implement background content scanning for CargoLink uploads
  • [#8318]: Implement background content scanning for uploads via Easy Dashboard
  • [#7232]: Increase max. number of open files for Cargo processes