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  • [#8411]: Fix an issue with translations of authenticated CargoLinks
  • [#8410]: Fix an issue when configuring new tenants (subdomains)
  • [#8405]: Get SSL certificate path from environment in proftpd.conf
  • [#8403]: Fix an issue preventing the creation of a share on sub-folders in elFinder
  • [#8402]: Improve description of “Unlimited Downloads” field in account settings
  • [#8401]: Fix an issue regarding invalid input for CargoLink max. number of downloads
  • [#8400]: Fix an issue when setting maximum downloads on an existing CargoLink to 1
  • [#8395]: Fix an issue regarding the display of the close button on the old CargoLink wizard
  • [#8392]: Fix a routing issue when editing existing folder actions
  • [#8384]: Add asynchronous content scanning feature flag
  • [#8376]: Add proper validation to user profile settings
  • [#8036]: Allow drag&drop of files from desktop onto contacts/favorites
  • [#7856]: Update elFinder (File Manager) to the latest version
  • [#7480]: Fix sanitization of HTML in CargoLink email messages
  • [#6669]: Add GeoIP information to CargoLink download reports