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1 min
  • [#8393]: Get DB credentials from environment variables in proftpd.conf
  • [#8370]: Add a Cancel button to the confidential message dialog
  • [#8369]: Fix an application issue when the ClamAV content-scanner isn’t available
  • [#8362]: Enable server-side copying for FTP / FTPS (SITE CPFR/CPTO commands)
  • [#8351]: Fix default quota and anti-virus report sender email address and X-Sender header
  • [#8280]: Switch scheduled maintenance tasks to use syslog
  • [#8276]: Fix an issue when resolving a AD distribution list for folder actions
  • [#8059]: Report Anti-Virus content scanner violations on a single log line
  • [#8030]: Allow unlimited downloads of a CargoLink as a user default setting
  • [#7882]: Allow setting / unsetting unlimited downloads on an existing CargoLink
  • [#7427]: Allow sorting of CargoLinks based on creation and expiration date