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1 min
  • [#7011]: Fix an issue regarding the display of currently banned IPs (fail2ban)
  • [#7010]: Fix an issue with iptables not getting the proper rules for FTP under certain circumstances
  • [#6939]: Fix an issue with folder-action-monitor / cargod logging during signal handling routine
  • [#6938]: Fix an issue regarding the display of login reports in the admin audit section
  • [#6937]: Fix an issue regarding nginx’ static error pages in conjunction with the new asset pipeline
  • [#6932]: Fix an issue with ProFTPd / ClamAV communications
  • [#6926]: Implement an interface to as a new SMS gateway
  • [#6851]: Reload Cargo daemons without user service interruption upon reconfiguration
  • [#6787]: Implement asset pipeline for all assets and removed unused CSS & JS
  • [#6773]: Select from a (searchable) ordered list when adding a folder to a CargoLink