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This version focussed on bug fixes and improvements with external authentication sources.

  • [#5098]: Improved the Content-Security-Policy header
  • [#5101]: Improved the CargoLink management by switching to the “/cargolinks” prefix
  • [#5102]: Added a feature to allow for configuring the preferred locale of a contact
  • [#5103]: Fixed an issue where the super administrator could not change his password
  • [#5106]: Fixed an issue where the local authentication redirected to a SSO Login on failure
  • [#5108]: Fixed an issue with email address validation in the configuration file
  • [#5117]: Added a feature to enable/disable external authentication sources
  • [#5137]: Fixed an issue where shared contacts may not be considered for autocompletion in the CargoLink wizard
  • [#5139]: Improved the PIN input field for CargoLinks
  • [#5144]: Added a feature to use the preferredLanguage attribute in the SAML response