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2 mins

This version focussed on SSO (single sign on) and security updates.

  • [#1630]: Added a feature to send CargoLink PINs on demand
  • [#4690]: Improved the SNMP agent by adding a system status information
  • [#4919]: Improved the database replication monitor
  • [#4920]: Added a feature to allow for custom data stored with a CargoLink
  • [#4925]: Added a feature to detect and mitigate brute force attacks on CargoLinks
  • [#4926]: Added a feature to allow CargoLinks of type “directory” via the API
  • [#4927]: Added a feature to provide a manifest in JSON format for a CargoLink via the API
  • [#4928]: Added a feature to allow SAML based SSO authentication/authorisation
  • [#4938]: Fixed an issue where the log archiving failed to start
  • [#4940]: Improved the archiving of old log and session data
  • [#4964]: Improved the SMS status checks by using asynchronous scheduling
  • [#4965]: Fixed an issue where the antivirus report tried to process a missing file
  • [#4973]: Updated to rails 3.2.17 for security improvements
  • [#4991]: Improved the display of confidential messages
  • [#5019]: Improved the CargoLink manifest cache
  • [#5027]: Updated openssl to version 1.0.1g for security improvements
  • [#5031]: Fixed an issue where notifications for file uploads in a CargoLink have not been sent
  • [#5045]: Improved user input handling to prevent stored XSS vulnerabilities
  • [#5047]: Improved error messages to prevent reflected XSS vulnerabilities
  • [#5056]: Improved the failed login detection and IP blocking rules
  • [#5057]: Improved the SW version display to prevent information leakage
  • [#5058]: Improved the error messages sent by the webserver
  • [#5060]: Improved the SFTP cipher selection
  • [#5074]: Added a feature to enforce authentication even for CargoLink access
  • [#5077]: Improved the SSL cipher and protocol selection for HTTPS, added the X-Content-Security-Policy header