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2 mins

This version focussed on bug fixes and improvements

  • [#2953]: Added a link to show system information and services status details
  • [#4206]: Improved the user session list by allowing for date based filtering and number of transfers
  • [#4319]: Fixed an issue when creating a new account and starting the password reset workflow without confirming the account beforehand
  • [#4330]: Fixed a warning when calling dpkg via sudo
  • [#4334]: Fixed multiple issues with special characters in share path names
  • [#4348]: Updated to Rails 3.2.15 for security and performance improvements
  • [#4352]: Fixed an issue where a folder rename triggered an exception when reconfiguring attached shares
  • [#4353]: Fixed an issue with automated actions on user account creation (case sensitive email comparison)
  • [#4361]: Improved the user management by separating confirmed and unconfirmed users
  • [#4419]: Fixed an issue where a new user could not be locked and promoted as administrator
  • [#4439]: Improved the performance of interacting with the proftpd daemon
  • [#4440]: Fixed an issue where shares are not shown for delegated administrators
  • [#4441]: Fixed an issue with automated actions after signing in when the user has no email address
  • [#4445]: Implemented a feature to allow for trusted additional network interfaces (multi-homed hosts)
  • [#4448]: Fixed an issue where directories did count for a total CargoLink payload size
  • [#4455]: Implemented a feature to allow for reactivating expired CargoLinks
  • [#4474]: Implemented a feature to search AD group membership using a extensible match for nested groups
  • [#4497]: Improved the email address validation