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2 mins

This version focussed on bug fixes and improvement of the shares

  • [#2949]: Improved the contact search performance
  • [#3895]: Improved a tool tip when trying to delete a user
  • [#3903]: Improved the sending of Apple push notifications by using a background queue
  • [#3935]: Improved the checks when deleting directories to prevent errors with shares
  • [#4105]: Improved the replication check while archiving old transfer data
  • [#4110]: Improved the events display by adding a database optimisation
  • [#4126]: Fixed an issue when sending attachments in standard mail messages
  • [#4157]: Improved the manifest generation by optimising a database query
  • [#4173]: Fixed a segfault when using SCP connections
  • [#4175]: Fixed an issue with ZIP-archives for CargoLinks when using “+” in file names
  • [#4179]: Improved the SFTP/FTP session performance by optimising a database interaction
  • [#4192]: Improved the local monitoring of the failover process
  • [#4200]: Improved the delegated administrator’s view by adding the status information (lower left corner)
  • [#4201]: Upgraded the application server unicorn to 4.6.3
  • [#4204]: Fixed a log export issue (empty files)
  • [#4207]: Improved a form control to set the CargoLink expiration date
  • [#4224]: Improved the SMS delivery check at the provider
  • [#4225]: Added a feature to allow for configuring the administrator assigned to new users (when signing up)
  • [#4279]: Fixed an issue with share double mounting by comparing wrong path elements
  • [#4284]: Improved the share path validation to prevent duplicate identical shares
  • [#4286]: Improved the share path validation to be more strict with special characters
  • [#4287]: Fixed a mount/unmount issue for shares when using whitespace in the name
  • [#4314]: Added a feature to allow for configuring global CargoLink defaults