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1 min
  • [#250173]: Filter out internal “.Uploads” folder for shares
  • [#250172]: Fix missing translations for file retention settings (autodelete)
  • [#250137]: Add SMS limits configuration for CargoLinks
  • [#250121]: Add file size to CargoLink uploads in the file list
  • [#249913]: Fix CargoLink message field editing when showing in the file manager
  • [#249903]: Add cleanup for “.Uploads” with the the object store
  • [#249632]: Add regular CargoLink manifest cache consistency checks
  • [#249629]: Add redis synchronisation in a cluster setup
  • [#249108]: Fix a missing permission check for CargoLinks in the file manager leading to a generic error instead of disabling the option
  • [#246654]: Add improved ICAP integration with background content scanning
  • [#240063]: Prevent super administrators from seeing notifications for users
  • [#39343]: Add expiration information to CargoLinks in the recipient view