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  • [#244668]: Implement new UI layout for organisation management as a user
  • [#243977]: Implement copying the shortcut URL of a CargoLink to the clipboard
  • [#244627]: Fix user management when having disabled services still active for a user (such as FTP)
  • [#244623]: Improve share participant user selection by sorting, adding an auto-complete field and searching
  • [#244591]: Fix a folder action issue when creating CargoLinks automatically for new files
  • [#244520]: Fix image path used in the sign-in component to not use absolute url
  • [#244513]: Fix user management when storing the public key of a user
  • [#244449]: Fix the user management when setting OTP via SMS as administrator
  • [#244434]: Fix missing navigation entry for organisation management as user
  • [#244412]: Fix an issue with CargoLink domain when using tenants
  • [#244370]: Fix an issue with PIN enforcement for CargoLinks preventing CargoLinks without PIN
  • [#244362]: Fix an issue when configuring the AD/LDAP source for group checks for shares
  • [#244361]: Improve user management performance with a lot of users
  • [#244351]: Fix invitation mail resend button for CargoLink
  • [#244344]: Fix the login disclaimer display when using embedded links
  • [#244320]: Fix access information as a recipient for confidential messages
  • [#244319]: Fix invalid text body referencing files for confidential message download information emails