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  • [#244175]: Fix email reconfirmation when editing a user as administrator
  • [#244140]: Fix default message and subject for CargoLinks of type confidential message
  • [#244074]: Fix custom CargoLink background image display
  • [#244071]: Improve quota and managed quota display in the user management
  • [#244046]: Fix a file cleanup issue for uploaded but unused files when creating CargoLinks (regression introduced in version 6.x)
  • [#244030]: Fix the usage of custom CargoLink default text settings
  • [#244023]: Fix pin delivery method when adding a new recipient to a CargoLink
  • [#244020]: Improve autocomplete when adding recipients to a CargoLink
  • [#244019]: Fix pin delivery method for multiple recipients when email delivery is selected
  • [#243958]: Fix approver lookup via directory to honour the administration settings to enable/disable the feature
  • [#243953]: Fix pin delivery by email as automated fallback when adding recipients without mobile numbers to a CargoLink
  • [#243928]: Fix the setting “SMS-OTP enabled” for user management as administrator