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1 min
  • [#242309]: Fix authentication source assignment for new, automatically created users via AD/LDAP
  • [#242237]: Fix feedback message when an uploaded file is rejected by the malware scanner
  • [#242218]: Fix a file upload timeout configuration on the client side component
  • [#242179]: Add an informational message when file search in the CargoLink wizard returns no matches
  • [#242126]: Fix an error in audit log displaying for old user objects having legacy attributes in the changes
  • [#242124]: Fix an issue with CargoLink shortcut editing permissions for existing CargoLinks
  • [#242123]: Fix Single Sign On button link on sign-in page
  • [#242121]: Allow Single Sign On users to change their settings without providing a password
  • [#242090]: Fix client side CargoLink download counter update when downloading a file
  • [#242087]: Fix layout in the directory search for users
  • [#242085]: Add missing logo the the transfer log view for administrators