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1 min
  • [#44649]: Fix a user confirmation issue in the administration interface
  • [#44426]: Fix a cache refresh issue with group memberships in external directories
  • [#44089]: Fix a remote syslog buffering issue when using TCP transport
  • [#44030]: Implement a facility to create preconfigured CargoLinks
  • [#43912]: Implement CSV export for workflows related to data rooms
  • [#43910]: Implement automatic workflow state changes based on new files
  • [#39984]: Improve API documentation for data rooms
  • [#39983]: Implement a resource API for data rooms
  • [#38276]: Fix a mtab parsing issue on newer Linux kernels
  • [#38275]: Fix a fail2ban status processing issue with Ubuntu 18 LTS
  • [#37893]: Fix an issue with wrong timestamps when uploading files in the web file manager