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1 min
  • [#38320]: Fix an issue with request_id logging generated at the webserver
  • [#37404]: Fix an issue with umlauts in the preconfigured PIN for recipients
  • [#35594]: Improve workflow email notifications on data rooms
  • [#35550]: Fix subfolder uploads for the file manager
  • [#35181]: Fix server side error with confidential message and specific user profile settings
  • [#33565]: Fix errors when uploading files after session timeout
  • [#32296]: Fix CargoLinks with multiple recipients having preconfigured PINs
  • [#32050]: Implement user list export for administrators
  • [#31247]: Update nginx and openssl to recent version for security fixes
  • [#23988]: Fix file downloads with “%” characters in the name
  • [#15291]: Reschedule weekly AV scan and report to Sunday evening