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1 min
  • [#18176]: Fix an issue when displaying CargoLinks with nested directories
  • [#18114]: Implement node role metric with prometheus
  • [#18109]: Implement NTP metrics and alerts with prometheus
  • [#18055]: Fix a share JS issue when inviting participants by email address
  • [#18024]: Fix a directory ownership in /opt/cargo
  • [#17759]: Improve file system event dispatch monitoring
  • [#17747]: Implement application version metrics with prometheus
  • [#17725]: Fix an issue when downloading directories as ZIP files containing the ‘?’ character in the name
  • [#17692]: Implement SenderID compliant headers for email messages
  • [#13718]: Fix an issue when comparing email addresses by using case-insensitive operations
  • [#9089]: Fix a display issue with long file names in a CargoLink