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1 min
  • [#30872]: Fix terms display date and checks when re-approving the terms
  • [#30728]: Update to openssl 1.1.1a for security updates
  • [#30717]: Implement LC_* environment variable cleanup for SSH connections
  • [#30716]: Fix date format checks when collecting error information metrics
  • [#29836]: Implement POST only requests for the file manager
  • [#29835]: Improve CSRF checks for the file manager
  • [#29799]: Implement custom user login format checkers
  • [#29793]: Improve automated cluster updates (maintenance mode)
  • [#29785]: Implement domain based rules for postfix when using CargoMail
  • [#29517]: Fix an issue with the API key expiration date set to the current date by default
  • [#21580]: Fix a typo in a DB view for unified transfer querying