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This version focussed on bug fixes and improvements

  • Added a new replication monitoring feature
  • Added a feature to create CargoLinks via the API with unlimited expiration date
  • Upgraded to proftpd 1.3.4d for security and performance improvements
  • Improved the archiving of logdata to better cooperate with the replication
  • Improved the display of recipients for CargoLinks in the detail view
  • Improved the user list when configuring a share
  • Improved the email greetings
  • Improved the caching of checksum data for CargoLink manifests
  • Improved the handling of existing users being invited to a share by email
  • Improved the cleanup of temporary ZIP-files
  • Fixed a issue when creating a share for a custom path as administrator
  • Fixed a issue when generating email recipient addresses
  • Fixed a issue with the writable setting for a share when inviting a new user
  • Fixed a issue when creating and editing a share and inviting external users