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This version focussed on performance improvements by introducing the PostgreSQL database system

  • Added support for PostgreSQL as as database backend which will be the default for new installations
  • Added a realtime database replication solution for PostgreSQL
  • Added a feature to allow the recipient to upload files to a CargoLink
  • Improved the CargoLink directory view
  • Improved the caching using memcached
  • Improved I18n when sending email
  • Improved strict UTF-8 encoding of all file and directory names
  • Upgraded to Ruby on Rails 3.2.11 for security and performance improvements
  • Fixed a issue with the custom path when editing a share
  • Fixed a cache key issue affecting the quicklinks above the menu
  • Fixed a javascript issue with the calendar control on IE8
  • Fixed a issue when searching users in the administration view
  • Fixed a encoding issue when importing contacts