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The 2.0 Release is a major milestone in the Cargo product line and provides a large set of new features based on the rock solid Cargo core infrastructure.

  • Redesigned web interface using modern HTML5 features
  • Support for Drag&Drop when creating CargoLinks from your desktop
  • Support for contact and recipient list management
  • Support for CargoLinks with multiple recipients
  • Allows CargoLinks recipients to upload files
  • Provides a REST-ful API available via HTTPS, secured by access tokens or a HMAC-based scheme
  • Upgraded to Ruby on Rails 3.2.8 for security and performance improvements
  • Switched to nginx for SSL performance and caching improvements
  • Switched to unicorn as application server for performance improvements
  • Improved large file uploads (> 1 GB) via the web interface Consult the User Guide and the API Guide for more details about the new features.