This updated version of our managed file transfer service brings a completely refreshed user interface, a huge technology update and a lot of new features - ready to scale for high volume transfers and improved compliance and reporting.

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New user interface

Based on latest browser technology, CargoServer delivers a fast and modern user interface for creating transfers, managing files and configurations.

  • Full client side driven user interface for mobile and desktop browsers
  • Modern, easy to use components with familiar icons and workflows
  • Improved file manager with workflows, labels, searches and notifications (content collaboration edition)

Huge technology update

With enhanced storage technology, CargoServer can scale and efficiently isolate multiple tenant storage.

  • Object store technology to scale beyond the traditional file system
  • Attach internal and external cloud storage (i.e. Amazon S3)
  • Improved integration and synchronisation options via API

New transfer features (CargoLink)

Send and receive files easily with more control and compliance to business requirements.

  • Create timed transfers by setting validity dates in the future
  • Enforce PIN usage and delivery policies (i.e. via SMS) per system or per user
  • Full PDF journal for transfers
  • 2-man rule workflows (“4 eyes principle”) for approved transfers to prevent data leakage and unauthorised data transfers

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