FAQ - Frequently asked questions

  • You can access the web interface of the CargoServer with every modern browser with secured HTTPS and use all functions for data transfer, user administration and the configuration of the server.

    CargoServer also supports the protocols SFTP, FTPS (implicit and explicit) as well as FTP. For these protocols you usually need an additional application such as FileZilla, Cyberduck or WinSCP.

  • CargoServer protects your data throug the whole lifecycle.

    • Transfer: Data in transfer to recipients are only sent via encrypted connections. This is also enforced for passwords and the PIN to CargoLinks.
    • Storage: CargoServer stores all data at rest encrypted on the disk if configured and allows the administrator to activate protected storage via web interface.
    • Permissions: Permissions for data access are enforced with every operation by the CargoServer. All user accounts operate completely isolated unless shared folders are configured.
    • Content inspection: All data is scanned for viruses and other malware. CargoServer provides builtin malware protection and can integrate additional scanners or external systems and DLP applciations based on the ICAP protocol.
    • Journal: All actions and data access is logged. The jounal can be exported, used for adhoc investigation or regular reporting.
  • Cargo uses state of the art SSL-technology with 256 bits for all transfers. By using strong ciphers and hash methods, configuring for perfect forward secrecy (PFS), disabling old and unsafe SSL protocol versions (no SSLv2, no SSLv3) and setting proper HTTP headers for content security, a vanilla CargoServer installation will get a A+ rating when checked with the SSL tester at

    Please note that no encryption is possible when using FTP, which is therefore not recommended. We recommend to deactivate the FTP protocol and switch to SFTP.

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