Cargo is on duty for leading swiss companies transporting critical data.
We are happy to present you a selection of our customers.

Avectris AG

Avectris AG (formerly Axpo Informatik) employs for her customer Axpo 3 Cargo clusters for secure transfer of data about energy production, energy trading (forecast) and the exchange of project data with suppliers and partners.

"With CargoServer, I'm 100% sure to have chosen the optimal partner and product for our needs"

Jörg Mendler, project mananger
Partners Group AG

For secure data exchange with other financial institutions, the delivery of reports and key data to customers as well as serving data to mobile devices (iPad application including Apple push notification integration) Partners Group AG relies upon highly available Cargo cluster installations.

Open Systems AG

The leading Swiss managed security provider counts on Cargo to transfer large files to worldwide customers complimentary to its own portal site. Particularly the feature to allow data upload via CargoLink is of great assistance in the daily support business.

Helsana AG

Helsana AG, one of the largest Swiss health insurance provider uses Cargo to exchange large media data with agencies and suppliers.


WWZ AG provides customers in Zug and nearby with water, enectricity, gas and telecommunication services and uses CargoServer to transfer large documents to customers and partners ad-hoc and with our email adapter technology.

Minergie Schweiz

Minergie Switzerland uses Cargo for internal collaboration in teams and task forces with members well spread over all of Switzerland. The sharing of folders on the platform as well as providing access to the same data temporarely via CargoLink to external partners allows for streamlined data exchange for the Minergie staff.

"Cargo is the perfect platform for us to share data!"

Robert Witte, head of marketing and communications Minergie Schweiz

Minergie uses CargoServer as "hosted platform" on the CargoServer infrastructure.

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